My Home Page

  Hi guys, welcome to my home page. I'm very excited about my new website and how I will perfect it.

  I am currently a 3d designer or whatever you call it, and I made up some tutorials that you can get through the link of File Front.
  Anyway, thanks for visiting my site and hope you come back!

My Game Server

  Hey guys, here is my CoD4 server adress:

  Please try it and give me some comments and stuff, let me know if there are any issues.
  If you don't know how to connect to a server with only IP adress? Here is how:

   1. Open the Developer Console by clicking "~" key, works in many games including Valve's and COD4 and others.

   2. type "connect IP Adress Here",

   For example, if you want to connect to my server, simply type in "connect" into your COD4 console, and this way of connecting works in a lot of games too such as Team Fortress 2, Half Life 2 DeathMatch, Call of Duty 4 and many others.

Contact Me

How to contact me? My E-mail is
I accept all kinds of comments about  this site and any question you wanna ask!

About my other names on Internet, I use $oap or Soap a lot of times, in my clan, my name is $oap.  So if you see Soap in any games, that's probably me.

Enter a comment and your email here! I'll be happy to hear you.