News! 12/15/2008

Again, it's being a long time I leave my little website along lol. How sad. I updated my theme obviously, and now I set up another site just for my Portfolios.

If you don't know what Portfolios means, in my words, it's just a collection of your works. Easy?

Other news:

srry my cod4 server is still down.

I bought Unreal Tournament 3 Collector's edition so I can really look into the Unreal Engine 3.

I bought Wacom Bamboo graphic tablet for painting materials more efficiently.

My desktop crashed had a virus so I'm using my laptop, hopefully I'll fix it after Jan because I'm still waiting to receive the recover disc from mail.

I bought a 160 GB external HDD for backup purposes.

That's all I can think of right now.

Forum is here! 10/31/2008

  Thanks to weebly and say good bye to the good old The only thing I had another site on spruz is because they had forums. So what? Weebly has it too now you know? Powered by Nabble Forums, this is awesome! Try it out plz, give me some feedbacks on how to make it bettter. Thx


  Okay, so here we go, my finished and perfected video of my PTSA Reflection entry. I will upload it to youtube, but seems like the files are a bit to big, the uncompressed version was about 5.2 GB, then the final version which I turned in is 74 mb, and this super compressed version will be only 7 mb. The download link below is the 74 mb one, enjoy.

  I do apologize for not posting anything in the past few weeks, that is because I was working on my reflection project, next post I will give the download link to all of you. Now, come back to the title: Call of Duty World at War beta is out!!!
  Come on man, you know what we've been waiting for, cod5, I don't say it's better than 4 but it sure is a great experience. The beta is public, anyone can join it, if you don't want to miss the fun then follow the steps below:
  1st, register an account at and there they will give you a beta code.
  2nd, find a place to download beta and that's it! my recommendation just go to google and search for "cod5 beta download", any downloads would work! Again, do it fast, the beta only will last 'til mid November and then the real cod5 is going to come out. So don't miss it, I'll see you there!

PC Upgrade 10/22/2008

  Well, I did upgrade this thing, just didn't finish my goal. Here is the information about my pc right now:

  CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 x86 2.4Ghz                        (original)
  Graphic Card: nVidia GeForce 9800 GT EVGA                     (new)
  RAM: 4 GB DDR2                                                             (new)
  CPU Fan/Heat Sink: CoolerMaster Geminll S                       (new)
  and I bought a new case fan from Fry's just to have better coolings.

  That's basicily it, my video card is such a monster, and 4 gb of ram can help me with the rendering speed. Overall it cost about 250 dollars which is not bad. I'm pretty satisfied with the performance than before.


  I know it's being a long time I'm planning to do this, but yeah,it's been finished for a while, I just had some fan issues with my pc here. So I've been pretty busy in the last few days (including buying a new video card nVidia GeForce 9800 GT). Anyway, here we go, the 3D Architectures Pack. You can see the final result in the pictures and download them by clicking the filefront button. Wish everything is okay!

P.S I know u guys can't see it here, but don't worry, just goto my Downloads section on the top and it will be there.

Upgrade Plan 09/27/2008

  I'm planning to upgrade my computer in this month since I have to do the reflection contest and I need better rendering speed. Here is the list I came up with;

   CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 3.66 GHz 1066Mhz 2+6GB L2 Cache
           (I will upgrade the CPU if I have any chance, cuz it's too expensive and the one I have right now is just Q6600 which is just 1 level worse than this one, so not that necessary.)

  RAM: 2 of the 2 times 2 GB Memory (lol that's messed up, basicily it's 8 GB)
           2 of this : DDR2 4 GB (2 x 2) Memory

  System: Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit
               (The only one that doesn't cost any money. You can upgrade from 32 bit Vista to 64 bit Vista for free)

  Video Card:  nVidia GeForce 9800 GT
                    (or nVidia GeForce 9800 GTX or GTX+ if they were on sale when I went to Fry's)

That's it! Actually I started this whole thing just today, I bought something that's not in this list: Logitech G15 Keyboard. Famous by it's back illumating and good handy key designs. More info at :,en

The sum of these stuff are ruffly $500, not as expensive as buying a brand new pc.

P.S My architectural pack are coming up next! Sorry I only had time to do 8 out of 10 cuz num 9 and 10 requires enormous amont of time to accomplish. 


  This is SO EXCITING for me!! This is mainly a competition that is US wide. People can turn in any of these 6 type of works to the PTA as long as it's about the theme: Literature, Photography, Visual Arts, Film/Video Production, Musical Composition, or Dance Choreography.  This year's theme is "WoW"

  I'm planning to enter the Film/Video production area and turn in my work as a "computer generated animation". What I will do is a 3 minutes video that shows a HUGE architecture in it. I will combine several ideas from those #1 buildings in the world and use some new techniques I have never touched before such as FOV.
  The winner of this contest will receive a gold painted medal + $800 from National PTA + $200 from Local PTA. I am really looking forward to it!

  Looking for this great opportunity as well? more information at
This is really cool, and you can join it in any PTA schools!!


  For some certain reasons, Gametracker can't detect my server anymore, so I removed the banner from my site. It's probably because the router I have here since it was able to detect my server when I didn't have the router on. I will solve this problem later on. So just do not think my server is down.

My Film Start 09/17/2008

  This is a title clip I've created. The fluids dynamics is simulated by Real Flow 4, scene created in 3Ds Max 2009, and rendered with Mental Ray. Hope u all like it!


    Updating Images...

    About me

    I am not very sure what I should say here, but I do will let you know my hobbies.

    I like computer, specialy on 3d designing and programing.
    I like to search for hacks (not the hack would against laws)

    Umm.. well that's basicly it, hope that was helpful. ^_^!