Hey guys, I just registered a new site on spruz. That site will replace the 3dworld.com site. Spruz is a bit more complicated than weebly cuz u can register an account and have forums in there. If any of u are interested, register an account there and post threads. I will be happy to see it!
  site's adress:  3dworld.spruz.com






  K folks, my internet is back on again, my server is setted up, hopefully I will run these stuff in full function mode as soon as possible!


  As I said previously, I will work on a series of projects focusing on architectures so that I can share with u guys. I am almost finished with 8 out of 10. After 2 more houses, I will upload them up in Internet ASAP.


  I think I have mentioned before, and here it is the final rendered movie, took me more than 32 hours of rendering and used After Effect CS3 to do after editings.

  Hope you all like it.
  P.S You can also download the better quality version and 2 rendered images by clicking on the filefront button below.


  About this, I am working on a series of project of 3d archetectures.

  They will be fully completed projects with finished materials, renderer settings and everything. They are not just models, they are actually productions. In the pack, you can find the materials, seperated source files, and more. I will leave everything originally to you. So that people could really study and gain knowledges from it.

  I currently have 2 huge materials pack. They helped me a lot on these works. I will upload them in the next few days so it can help more people on materials.

  The packages will be completely free and stuff, just don't republish it under your name. You can copy it anywhere you want but just mension it that it is belongs to jacky-home.weebly.com


  Here is an explination of how to get the IP adress of a website and how to find the location of an IP adress. You can download it by clicking on the filefront botton below.

Know the location of an IP


  If you don't have Adobe Reader (since the file is in pdf format), download it at this link: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html?promoid=BUIGO


  Be honest, I have no idea of what an exterior archetecture should have for materials. I just like them being all white. Anyway, now I have completed this Arabia style of building project and almost understand the power of the daylight system both final gather in mental ray renderer. Since this is an update, I recommand you to scroll down and see the unfinished model of these buildings. I did add stuff to the scene but didn't change any of the original modeling. So I wish you would enjoy these images.

  I will upload the other one as soon as possible!

  Plus: I used Photoshop CS3 to do after editings.

  Click on the images to see a better quality.


  I think I'm making a mistake here that I actually trying to do interior and both exterior at the same time. However, I do think that interior is as fun as exterior, so why not give it a try? Here is my living room that I made in 3ds max and rendered with Mental Ray. It's one of my best projects ever and the first time I used Final Gather and the Day Light System. Hope you all like that!

  Click on the picture below to get a full sized (1200 X 900) quality.

  Plus: I did learn plenty of things in this project and especially the rendering part. I think it's time to making tutorials about them. I'm not sure if everyone has Vray but I'm very certain that everybody has MR since it comes with Max. So my tutorials about rendering will start with Mental Ray.


  Here are some pictures of my projects, I apologize that I didn't give them any materials. I used Sky Light plus Light Tracer (bounce x 2) when I was rendering, so the effect is realistic.

  I will upload more of them as soon as possible!

  Please click on them to see the full sized picture, it will be a better quality.


  I have an idea here that why not write an eBook? Instead of making all the video tutorials complicated and hard to explain the concepts, why don't I just write them down?

  I have already started on the process of making it. The first book is mainly about Editable Polygon Modeling. It will explain every single button in that tool and how to use them correctly.

  For others, I am using Jing as the screen capturing software to make pictures in my book. I will use Photoshop in front and back covers. Finally, I will put those together in Microsoft Word 2007.

  In addition, when I put the books on Internet, it will be a PDF format, so it's easy to read and organize.

  Lastly, these eBooks are part of my 3dworld site since you can see that I didn't add or edit anything on it form 3 months ago.

  P.S for my COD4 site, I will not update it very soon cuzI don't have that game in hand.


    Updating Images...

    About me

    I am not very sure what I should say here, but I do will let you know my hobbies.

    I like computer, specialy on 3d designing and programing.
    I like to search for hacks (not the hack would against laws)

    Umm.. well that's basicly it, hope that was helpful. ^_^!