Well, I did upgrade this thing, just didn't finish my goal. Here is the information about my pc right now:

  CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 x86 2.4Ghz                        (original)
  Graphic Card: nVidia GeForce 9800 GT EVGA                     (new)
  RAM: 4 GB DDR2                                                             (new)
  CPU Fan/Heat Sink: CoolerMaster Geminll S                       (new)
  and I bought a new case fan from Fry's just to have better coolings.

  That's basicily it, my video card is such a monster, and 4 gb of ram can help me with the rendering speed. Overall it cost about 250 dollars which is not bad. I'm pretty satisfied with the performance than before.



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    About me

    I am not very sure what I should say here, but I do will let you know my hobbies.

    I like computer, specialy on 3d designing and programing.
    I like to search for hacks (not the hack would against laws)

    Umm.. well that's basicly it, hope that was helpful. ^_^!