I know it's being a long time I'm planning to do this, but yeah,it's been finished for a while, I just had some fan issues with my pc here. So I've been pretty busy in the last few days (including buying a new video card nVidia GeForce 9800 GT). Anyway, here we go, the 3D Architectures Pack. You can see the final result in the pictures and download them by clicking the filefront button. Wish everything is okay!

P.S I know u guys can't see it here, but don't worry, just goto my Downloads section on the top and it will be there.



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    Updating Images...

    About me

    I am not very sure what I should say here, but I do will let you know my hobbies.

    I like computer, specialy on 3d designing and programing.
    I like to search for hacks (not the hack would against laws)

    Umm.. well that's basicly it, hope that was helpful. ^_^!