This is SO EXCITING for me!! This is mainly a competition that is US wide. People can turn in any of these 6 type of works to the PTA as long as it's about the theme: Literature, Photography, Visual Arts, Film/Video Production, Musical Composition, or Dance Choreography.  This year's theme is "WoW"

  I'm planning to enter the Film/Video production area and turn in my work as a "computer generated animation". What I will do is a 3 minutes video that shows a HUGE architecture in it. I will combine several ideas from those #1 buildings in the world and use some new techniques I have never touched before such as FOV.
  The winner of this contest will receive a gold painted medal + $800 from National PTA + $200 from Local PTA. I am really looking forward to it!

  Looking for this great opportunity as well? more information at
This is really cool, and you can join it in any PTA schools!!



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    About me

    I am not very sure what I should say here, but I do will let you know my hobbies.

    I like computer, specialy on 3d designing and programing.
    I like to search for hacks (not the hack would against laws)

    Umm.. well that's basicly it, hope that was helpful. ^_^!